In Awe of Daddy Divine
God is not some cosmic killjoy ready to pounce on us for no apparent reason.   On the contrary, He is first the loving and generous Everlasting Father and Creator who is to be respected, honored, revered and loved. Yet still, He holds absolute and benevolent authority as our King.  In TLV you will be introduced to the King of the Kingdom— Yeshua (Jesus).   He desires intimacy with us.  For this reason, our relationship with Him is analogous to marriage in which intimacy must operate lest one or both partners emotionally grows distant.  The key to discovering the depths of this knowledge of God is found in the understanding the depths of His love for us and the truth He offers us to break the bonds of sin. Only their Heavenly Father could break those bonds.  What the King of Heaven said to the ancient Israelites through Moses still holds true to this day, delivering His people from the bongoes of sin.   When our hearts remain gripped and enslaved by emotional pain from circumstances beyond our control, we need to see and hear from the best Father of all- The King of Heaven.  In His scriptures, you will discover the words of the King that anchored a people to Him, words that speak to the heart still.  They will anchor you as well… to Total Life Victory!


How God thinks about us as our creator is found in the pages of the Bible.  There are Kingdom principles within the Word of God that lead to hope and victory in six key areas of life:
Achieving hope and success in all six areas is a concept I call Total Life Victory, rooted in the wonderful fact that the King of heaven loves us and wants us to enjoy abundant life in every part of life. God said it  said Himself:  “The thief comes only to steal, slaughter, and destroy. I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly!” (John 10:10 TLV) On this website, you’ll find resources and tools that will show you how to gain your Total Life Victory.  Don’t lose hope!