When we hear the word “vocation” the first thing we think about is usually “career.”    Well, is there a difference you may ask?  The answer is yes.  Before the sixteenth century in western civilization, “vocation” had to do with the calling on one’s life to do a particular work in the ministry.  The Bible serves as the foundation for the original concept of vocation.  In the New Testament, Paul writes:“Let each one remain in the calling in which he was called (1 Corinthians 7:20 TLV).”  

“Called” in the ancient Greek means to call aloud, utter in a loud voice.  Paul himself answered the personal call of the King of heaven; Yeshua called him aloud. Overall, Paul’s ministerial assignment was to the Gentiles.   Had he not answered the call, these words to the Corinthians would not have been written.  When it comes to vocation, Rabbi Paul does not stand alone.   The genesis can be found in the literal calling by the voice of Yehovah to Adam for his work as the gardener of Eden and the custodian of planet earth.  The voice of the King beckoned Adam to his divine assignment.  Since this was the calling of the first man, I submit that God has a calling for every human being, both in the general and specific sense.  For Adam, his general calling was to obey God as a son then later as a husband and father.  He was to maintain that obedience in those areas of his life.  But, what was his specific calling or specific work within the Kingdom?  Tending the garden; it was uniquely his Kingdom assignment. If you have entered the Kingdom of God, you, like me, are called to obey the Everlasting Father as His sons or daughters, brothers or sisters to one another, as  husbands or wives, fathers or mothers.  In general, we are to obey the word of the King,    children obeying parents, husbands loving wives and wives respecting their husbands. But, what about the specific calling or Kingdom assignment that is unique to us as individuals.  What is your vocation or calling (not just career) in life?


How God thinks about us as our creator is found in the pages of the Bible.  There are Kingdom principles within the Word of God that lead to hope and victory in six key areas of life:
Achieving hope and success in all six areas is a concept I call Total Life Victory, rooted in the wonderful fact that the King of heaven loves us and wants us to enjoy abundant life in every part of life. God said it  said Himself:  “The thief comes only to steal, slaughter, and destroy. I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly!” (John 10:10 TLV) On this website, you’ll find resources and tools that will show you how to gain your Total Life Victory.  Don’t lose hope!